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At Aboheme Labradors we not only ensure that our puppies are bred from pure and healthy bloodlines but that special care is taken to keep them safe and healthy. 

During their weeks of development the correct environment is created where they can quickly learn the required social skills from their mom, which includes their first potty training lessons.

For the period that the puppies stays with their mom and before they are born, special care is taken to ensure mommy stays in a great condition.

Before each puppy will leave for their new home, each puppy will be;

Dewormed every 10 days after birth,

Vaccinated on 6 weeks of age, and

microchip will be implanted in every puppy before they leave for their new homes.

Once all the puppies of a specific litter have new names they will be registered with KUSA.

Please contact me for more information on the puppies…

Current Litters

For available puppies, please visit www.petsplace.co.za

Please also contact me for any planned litters…

Previous Litters

Lyla & Chino

Date of Birth: 23-04-2020

Male puppies: 3 (Brown)

Female puppies: 4 (Brown)

Xana & Chino

Date of Birth: 19-04-2020

Male puppies: 2 (1 Black and 1 Brown)

Female puppies: 7 (3 Black and 4 Brown)

Milah & Chino

Date of Birth: 16-03-2020

Male puppies: 3 (Brown)

Female puppies: 5 (Brown)

Dudley & Kabut

Date of Birth: 13-10-2019

Male puppies: 2 (1 Yellow & 1 Chocolate)

Female puppies: 3 (1 Yellow & 2 Chocolate)

(The one photo includes puppies of Flo Mia, see below)

Flo Mia & Chino

Date of Birth: 09-10-2019

Male puppies: 3 (Chocolate)

Female puppies: 3 (Chocolate)